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        A.S.R.  O.N.L.U.S., founded in 1999, is a National Association of Voluntary, non-profit, public benefit, funded through voluntary donations, which has as its primary objective the protection and care of patients with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (A.S.R.).


It defines the ASR spontaneous interruption of two or more pregnancies before 20^ - 22^ week (5th month)

This disease affects 20% of the population even if the frequency of preclinical abortions is greater than you think

The causes of the ASR are genetic, immunological, endocrine, infectious, anatomical, etc.. and are diagnosed with appropriate preconception screening.



A.S.R. Onlus

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Registered Office:Via Annibale De Gasparis, 29  - 00143  Roma